Public schools were created to help parents and the whole community prepare young people to become productive, responsible adults. They cannot exist - much less function effectively - without the support of the community they are expected to serve.

    Your participation can make a difference for public schools. Working with others you can help create a climate that fosters and supports significant school improvement. Whether you are a businessperson, a grandparent, a parent with school age children, or simply a concerned citizen, you have an important role to play.



    • Think about why public education might be important to YOU
    • Cast your ballot with improved schools in mind
    • Attend local school events to see what the students are accomplishing
    • Ask your company for time off to volunteer in schools
    • Make K-12 school improvement a priority for your charitable giving



    • Introduce yourself to your child's teacher
    • Seek their advice often
    • Supervise homework. Read to your child
    • Limit television viewing
    • Offer to help in the classroom or on field trips
    • Participate in your school's PTO group
    • Register to vote and go to the polls



    • Take an active interest in our school system, the local board, bond issues, and elections
    • Get the facts and understand the implications of statewide school ballot measures
    • Communicate your hopes and concerns about education with elected officials
    • Pay attention to local school board members and the decisions they make, and let them know what you think
    • Hold all elected officials accountable
    • Take a leadership role in your local PTO group
    • Run for school board
    • Join your local school education foundation


    Need Help Getting Started?

    You can find many ways to support your local school system and many groups within the school will welcome your interest. A phone call or an hour of your time can be the first step.

    Attend a meeting of the local organization committed to supporting public schools, such as the PTO group or your local education foundation, and see if their interests match yours.

    Encourage your community, church, or service organization to make improving K-12 education a top priority.

    Call your local school principal or school district superintendent and ask about other opportunities to get involved.