College Preparatory Certificate Requirements

  • Gainesville High School awards the College Preparatory Studies Certificate to students who successfully complete a rigorous academic program in high school.  The certificate is designed to provide incentive and recognition for students who exceed the minimum  graduation requirements.  Students who plan to attend a "University of Missouri" system school or a four-year public/private university in Missouri should try to achieve thse standards to meet adminssion requirements.  Occasionally, exceptions will be made by the university.  It is always best to consult each individual college/university's website to determine the exact admission requirements for that institution.

     To be eligible for the certificate, a student must meet the following requirements:  

Requirement #1: Complete a rigorous high school program that must include the following credits.

Requirement #2: Earn at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale in the combined areas of English, math, science, and social studies.

Requirement #3: Score at or above the prior year's national average on the ACT or SAT. For the past several years, the ACT average composite score has been a 21.

Requirement #4: Maintain a 9-12 grade attendance of 95%.

  • *Examples of meeting the specified core electives follows; however, many combinatons are possible which are not listed here. (Extra is above and beyond what is already required in that subject area).

    • 2 foreign language credits and an extra social sciences credit
    • 2 extra fine arts credits and an extra science credit
    • 2 extra science credits and an extra English credit
    • 1 extra science credit, 1 extra English credit, and 1 extra social sciences credit

    Examples that would not qualify would be:

    • 3 extra science credits (not from 2 or more areas)
    • 2 extra practical arts and 1 extra fine art (practical arts don't qualify)
    • 1 extra Pe and 2 extra social sciences (PE doesn't qualify)