Speech Language Therapy Class

  • Greetings! I'm so excited about the 2023-2024 school year! I just know this is going to be a great year! For students K-6th grade, please expect your child to bring home a homework folder weekly. Inside, there will be various word lists and activities he/she may complete at home. This should help carry-over learned skills into the home much sooner than anticipated. 

    Your child will be responsible for taking his/her folder home and bringing it back. Don't worry. There will be an incentive for them to remember. This isn't mandatory. Instead, I want the students to take more of an initiative to work on their skills in other settings other than the speech room.  

    Please feel free to use the communication log that will be in your child's homework folder! 

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Tips for Parents

    1. Keep practice time FUN & FUNNY! Children learn fastest when they are having fun. Don't be afraid to be silly. 
    2. PRAISE the behaviors/performance you like! Most children want to please the adults in their life. Children will, probably, repeat whatever gets them the attention/praise they want. 
    3. When working on communication skills, do it for a SET PERIOD OF TIME. Don't constantly focus on perfect communication skills. It takes time for emerging skills to become habit
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