• FAQ -Proposition Gainesville Schools

    Through our FAQ page, we hope to provide answers to common questions regarding Proposition Gainesville Schools.

    What is the proposed levy amount, and how will it be phased in?

    The Gainesville School Board has set the proposed operating levy increase at $.75 per $100 of assessed valuation for the November 6th ballot. The Board has chosen to use $.25 increments to phase in the increase over three years, if approved by Gainesville School District voters. District taxpayers would see a $.25 increase in 2019, a $.25 increase in 2020, and the final $.25 increase in 2021.

    For the average home value of $100,000 in Gainesville, this will be a monthly increase of $3.96 a month over the first year (based on the average assessed value). The increase in year two would be an additional $3.96 per month, totaling $7.92 per month. Year three's increase would add $3.96 per month, totaling $11.88 per month.

    Check out our Operating Levy Calculator to find out how it impacts your household!

    What will an increase in operating levy funds provide for kids?

    • Improvements to the functionality and safety of our facilities
    • Improved or replaced HVAC systems
    • Roof repair or replacement
    • Additional furniture for our classrooms
    • Bettering our opportunity to recruit and retain high quality staff members
    • A multipurpose facility
    • Adding on necessary space for our preschool
    • Expanding our cafeteria and kitchen areas

     What is the difference between an operating levy and a debt service levy?

    • Debt service levy (bond issue) funds can only be used for brick and mortar "capital" projects​
    • Operating levy funds are used for day-to-day District operating expenses including educating students, paying staff, providing transportation, paying for utilities, and maintaining the District’s buildings and grounds.

    What is our current operating levy, and how do we compare to other school districts?

    The Gainesville School District operates at the state minimum operating levy of $2.75. Out of 516 public school districts in Missouri, 61 have the minimum levy of $2.75. The state average operating levy is $3.67.

    What would our operating levy be if Proposition Gainesville Schools passes?

    If the proposed operating levy passes on November 6th, the Gainesville School District operating levy would be $3.50, still below the state average of $3.67.

    Why is additional funding needed?

    • Our tax rate is the lowest in the state. Out of over 500 school districts in Missouri, there are only 61 other districts in the state with the state minimum tax levy of $2.75.
    • The District has budgeted very conservatively for decades.  Funds have been needed throughout multiple failed tax levy proposals which has caused needs to go unmet. 
    • Pay for all District employees falls behind other school districts and industries, and each year the District loses a significant number of high quality employees due to pay.   
    • Critical facility needs including roofing, HVAC units, parking lots and doors have grown due to limited resources, inability to address needs, and increasing costs.

    ​What area of Ozark County will vote on Proposition Gainesville Schools?

    Only those who live in and are registered to vote in the Gainesville School District will be eligible to vote on the proposed operating levy. Each school district has their own operating levy.

We hope this information is useful in helping you understand the upcoming Tax Levy Issue.