MSU-West Plains Dual Credit FAQs

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  • 1. What are the eligibility requirements for Dual Credit /Dual Enrollment students?

    Students in the 11th and 12th grades interested in dual credit must have an overall minimum overall grade point average between 2.5 - 2.99 . Students in the 10th grade must have an overall minimum grade point average of 3.0. Students in the 9th grade must have an overall minimum grade point average of 3.0 and score at the 90th percentile or above on the ACT. Additionally, high schools may have their own requirements for enrolling in courses.

    2. How do students register for dual credit classes?

    Students should meet with their high school counselor to determine eligibility for the program and discuss procedures at your high school. Your counselor will assist you in preparing the
    enrollment/registration form. The student, parent or guardian, and the high school counselor should sign the form. Additionally, you should make sure the counselor is submitting any
    required test scores and/or high school transcript.

     3. How are the classes offered?

    When a high school has a qualified instructor, the high school may offer the course with their faculty member.  When instructors do not meet the requirements to teach a college course, Missouri State University-West Plains offers online classes at the request of the high school. These online classes are composed only of high school students.  Additionally, a high school instructor will have access to all course materials so they can see what the students are working on at all times and provide any needed support.

    4. What is the cost of dual credit classes through Missouri State University-West Plains?

    Tuition for high school students enrolled in dual credit classes is half the normal tuition rate plus any applicable fees.

    5. When do students pay for courses?

    Students will receive one bill in the mail following registration. A representative of the college will visit the campus to set up student accounts so they can see their bill online. No payment is due at the time of registration.

    6. How do students pay for courses?

    Students can pay either with check or cash, or online with a credit card. The students bill is due in full by the 15th of the second month of class (September for Fall and Year-long classes and February for Spring classes). If a student is unable to pay the bill in fullby that date, the student will be placed on a payment plan and can pay their amount due in three installments. Students will be charged a 1 % finance fee for any unpaid balance. Paper bills will not be mailed. Bills are available electronically only through An email will be sent to the student's University email account when a bill is ready to be viewed.

    7. Is financial aid available?

    Students who get free/reduced lunch may get one college class per semester free from the fee waiver program. The school counselor will verify the students who are on free/reduced lunch and get that to the dual credit advisor at MSU-West Plains. 

    8. Will the courses transfer?

    Missouri State University-West Plains participates in the Missouri Transfer and Articulation program. This ensures that all general education courses taken through Missouri State University-
    West Plains will transfer to most colleges in Missouri. Students should check with universities or colleges that they are considering attending to ensure transferability of a course before taking it.
    Students may also contact the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at Missouri State University-West Plains if they have a specific question their high school counselor cannot help them answer.

    9. What should students know about adding or dropping courses?

    All additions and/or drops need to be completed soon for a full refund. Students may choose to drop later, but will not receive a tuition refund. They will receive a 'W" on their transcripts, which will not negatively affect their academic record or GPA. The last day to drop a course without a grade varies slightly from semester to semester, depending on the academic calendar. To find out the last day to drop for a particular semester, access the academic calendar on the MSU-WP website or the dual credit coordinator.

    For semester courses, refund dates are as follows:

    8/17/2020-9/18/2020               100%

    9/19/2020-9/25/2020               75%

    9/26/2020-10/13/2020             50%

    10/14/2020-11/10/2020           25%

    11/11/2020-11/24/2020           0&


    For full year courses , refund dates are as follows:

    8/17/2020-9/18/2020               100%

    9/19/2020-10/13/2020             75%

    10/14/2020-11/11/2020           50%

    11/12/2020-2/11/2021             25%

    2/12/2021-4/23/2021               0%

    10. What are the advantages of taking a dual credit class?

    o Reduces the cost of a college education
    o Reduces the time needed to complete a degree program
    o Reduces high school dropout rates
    o Prepares students for college work
    o Raises student motivation and aspiration
    o Offers greater advanced credit opportunities in rural areas
    o Increases post-secondary enrollment
    o Increases likelihood of success in course
    o Built in support system
    o Single point of contact with university

    11. How do students get their textbooks or other college materials?

    Students may opt to purchase textbooks from the Drago College bookstore or online through another provider like Chegg or Amazon. Renting from these venders are a good way to save money if rental copies are available. Students may also be provided any course materials by their high school.