• The MSIP 5 Resource and Process Standards were adopted in September 2012 by the State Board of Education. The Process Standards outline the expectation of an improvement plan through the CSIP.

    Governance-2—The local board of education adopts and district leadership implements a Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) to ensure the achievement and success of all students.

    1. The local board of education and district leadership, in collaboration with the community, use qualitative data, quantitative data, and evaluation results to create a written, board-approved CSIP which drives improvement in student learning and guides the overall improvement of its educational programs and services.

    2. The school district maintains a current CSIP that includes all of the required components.

    3. There is a written evaluation process for the CSIP and the CSIP is regularly evaluated and updated.

    4. The local board of education utilizes the CSIP to monitor progress and continuous improvement of programs and services.

    The CSIP serves as a long-range planning tool for addressing student performance and describes a specific set of actions to be undertaken relative to these issues. It is not a document that simply identifies "what" the measurable objectives/goals for improvement will be; it is a document that details "how" the district intends to make the desired improvements. The CSIP is a means of determining how districts are ensuring that all students are college and career ready.

    The expectation of the Department is all districts have a CSIP. Those districts who have been identified as needing a "Department approved" CSIP will receive specific criteria and guidance regarding the components of the plan. Those districts will work directly with the Department’s Area Supervisor from their region on plan development. Once approved by the Area Supervisor, the plan will be submitted by the district to the Department.

    The state is interested in continuous effort being made by each district to bring about improvements in student achievement. The CSIP is the means through which this improvement is most likely to occur. Many districts have developed their own format and processes for the CSIP plan. A district’s CSIP plan will only be reviewed for MSIP purposes when determined by the Department. The Department will annually review student achievement data which could generate a need for a "Department approved" CSIP.